Promos, Freebees and our Mission

In our efforts to promote ongoing legal racing, safety and the popularity of Motorsports and competitive racing. We will be giving away our apparel to competitors who place within 1st to 3rd place at competitive events within specific leagues. Currently we will be following 2 leagues to start but will be expanding our list throughout time.

Competitive Promos
The Rules (Very Simple and straight forward)
- Must place in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place within your class for the overall season.

The Prize (your choice in available design and color)
- 1st place: Hoodie, T-Shirt and Hat
- 2nd place: T-shirt And Hat
- 3rd place: T-shirt Or Hat
*Product categories will be updated over time to include more goodies

List of Events (More to come in time)
- Bimmer Challenge
- S2K Challenge


Rather than spending hundreds or even thousands on google ads and facebook marketing, we realized its much more beneficial for all of us that we spend our marketing budget giving you guys an opportunity to swag and floss out our gear for free! 
why? Because we're all about directly promoting and supporting our community than giving multi billion dollar companies more dough in hopes of exposure. Instead, we want you guys who are actively involved in racing and motorsports to directly gain and benefit from this business.

Event Participation Promos
The Rules 
- Follow our Instagram
- Send us a DM indicating interest that you would like to rock our gear at track events.
- We will have a look at your page to see if you are an avid track goer, regardless of whether or not you drive at every event. 
- We will respond with whether or not we think you would be a great fit for free gear to rep and give us exposure
- Limited only to US participants (for now) 

List of Events (open to all track and autocross events)

Rules are subject to change without notice due to the ongoing growth of our product lineup/designs and availability. No registration required. Please email us at for any questions and or inquiries.